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About The Artist

Tim Spransy

Tim was born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin where as a child and young adult he had three primary interests; sports, art and music. In his young adult years he had stints living in Oregon and Ohio.  After many years, he once again finds himself in the fine state of Wisconsin. 

Tim has been extremely blessed throughout the years because he has always been able to make a living full time in either music or art.  In the 80's he was the touring lead guitar player/vocalist for the well known christian rock band Servant.  During these years he toured extensively and met many wonderful people and played some remarkable venues.  

Retiring from the road when he and his wife, Maura had their first daughter he then transitioned into Freelance illustration.  Once again he had the chance to work with some amazing clients from professional sports teams and athletes to ad agencies, publishers and special portrait projects with individual families.

Fifteen years later he had the distinct privilege Of once again recording and touring the US and Europe with the Belorussian band Spasenie.  They recorded an album together that produced the #1 hit song in Belarus,  "The Word Was Spoken",  This song and the entire album "Crossing The Jordan"  can be found on itunes and spotify.  

Retiring from the road once again he then became the full time worship pastor at Crosspoint Community Church in Oconomowoc Wisconsin.  Now, with his wife Maura of 33 years they live in lovely Ottawa Wisconsin where they are treated daily to the wonders of Wisconsin's wildlife.  They have Three grown children two son in laws and an almost daughter in law...We really love all of them!

Tim paints in the a representational style using oil-on-linen exclusively with a heavy focus on portraiture, North American/African wildlife.

“There are two things in particular that move me from the moment I’m in to being fully immersed in hope: a beautiful melody or the way light settles on a thing. 

These miraculous interactions of shadow and light are transcendent melodies in and of themselves.  Painting is like music in the way they stir the human soul. My desire with each painting I do is to capture a moment that can help the viewer, if only for a moment, forget what hurts and remember what is lovely; creating a feeling of expectation and desire for good to come near, briefly paying us a visit”.

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