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Tim Spransy Fine Art

Telling Stories Through The Fine Art of Oil Painting


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About Tim

I work out of my home studio in Ottawa Wisconsin half an hour west of Milwaukee and just on the edge of the Southern Unit of The Kettle Moraine Forrest.  I specialize in doing portraiture, landscape and African/North American wildlife.  I paint exclusively with oils on stretched or mounted linen with some smaller studies done on gessoed board. 

Other than my wife and our three kids, painting is the love of my life and I have been a student of painting since childhood.  

Last year I asked Tim to do a portrait of my wife's horse, Ace.  I knew it would be a great Christmas gift, When my wife opened the gift we were all amazed at the life and authenticity Tim brought to the canvas.  Ace lives in his barn in Chenequa and on our wall in  Wales.  Tim, your talent is such a blessing! Thanks for sharing.

Collector - Kenn Anderson

Nineteen years ago in May my father passed away. A month later we moved to Wisconsin. Shortly after our move my husband, Al, met Tim Spransy and they became fast friends. My husband commissioned Tim to do a painting of my father and I for Christmas that year. As I opened the gift, I felt my father's presence. Then when I saw what it was I was overwhelmed. Tim, having never met my dad, captured him to a T. That portrait hangs over my fireplace in my living room where I can sit and enjoy it. I have often said should we ever have a fire, the first thing I will grab is my Tim Spransy painting! He has since done a painting of our beloved dog who passed away recently. 

Thank you, Tim, for blessing me with your talent!

Collector - LeAnne Moir

We comissioned Tim to do portraits of each of our children and their families.  We are honored to have his work in our home and so very pleased with the way they all turned out.  Will cherish each painting for years to come!

Collectors - Tim and Jan Hoeksema

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Tim Spransy for more than 20 years on a variety of projects. What never ceases to amaze me is that Tim will capture any subject, whether it be an athlete in the throes of dramatic game action, a beautifully detailed landscape or the majestic form of an animal in its native habitat, and makes it his own. Tim has a tremendous feel for any subject he decides to take on. From Green Bay Packers game action to striking equine portraits to fabulous signature hole golf landscapes, Tim is a master of the canvas!

Collector - Tom Andrews
Andrews Media Ventures

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